"in the gunroom"

A selection of articles previously published in Holt's quarterly sale catalogues, written by Elizabeth Walton unless stated otherwise.

June 2017
Payne-Gallwey's Purdey
(By Donald Dallas)
September 2011
Gunmakers Company Charitable Trust
December 2016
Henry Rifling
(By Donald Dallas)
June 2011
Hartmann & Weiss
(Not by Elizabeth Walton)
September 2016
Purdey Gun Balance
(By Donald Dallas)
March 2011
Joe Wheater
June 2016
One of Only Eleven
(By Donald Dallas)
December 2010
The Holt's Catalogue in its Various Forms
March 2016
Provenance, Provenance, Provenance
(By Donald Dallas)
September 2008
Holt's Gun Room Staff
December 2015
Alexander Henry, Triumph and Tragedy
(By Donald Dallas)
September 2010
"The Last of The Few"
March 2014
The Small Arms School Corps
(By Robert Morgan)
June 2010
Earl Mountbatten of Burma's Sidearms
June 2013
Lieutenant-General Sir A.Carton de Wiart V.C. K.B.E. C.B. C.M.G. D.S.O.
(By Roland Elworthy)
March 2010
"One Hell of a Hunting Story"
March 2013
Charles Gordon (By Donald Dallas)
December 2009
The Search for Denys Finch-Hatton's Rifle
September 2012
The Kings of India
September 2009
Sweden & Swedish Hunting
June 2012
Buried Treasures
June 2009
Live Online Bidding
March 2012
“The Kipplauf rifleā€¦?”
March 2009
South Africa and Selling Through Holt's
December 2011
"In The Creel Room"
(Not by Elizabeth Walton
December 2008
Holt's European Representives