Provenance - 14th December 2017

NameYear of ManufactureLot Number
records state "Akroyd"19191406
G.J. Bates 1415
Sir Russell Bencraft, JP, MRCS, LRCP 352
Brigadier J.B. Bester19381627
records state "Boutt"19111400
A.H. Browne1876989
Captain A. Catrielle Hyde. 18991306
John (Jack) Charlton OBE 1306
G.W. Cox19101435
Joseph William Crabb 321
records state "Croft"18901428
William Henry Forester Denison, 1st Earl of Londesborough18631805
John Cuthbert Denison-Pender, 1st Baron Pender GBE KCMG19371330
G.L. Dewhurst Esq.18961433
R. Farlie19361301
J.G. Fordham19011403
J.P. Gardner18831800
George Gordon 314
records state "Guinard" for a Prince Wauilo19011432
Benedict Philip Gerald Hunt  1025
Capt. C.J. Jones19341434
Ernest Jorgenson19081422
Jack Kidwell 1705
John Kingsley-Heath 1717
E.A. Lee18921417
Manton & Co.1888995
Manton & Co. Calcutta1886991
records state "Mountain"19161304
William Olivier19351305
General Gerald Hedley Ovens19111404
J. C. Pardal 1102
records state "Pennington"19031401
Hilton Philipson 1703
Ordered by James Purdey (the Younger) for a Mr Carl Svedberg 1414
Major Charles Robert Eustace Radclyffe19101317
H.H. Rana Nihal Singh, Maharaj of Dholpur1893999
Captain Richard James Pye Steel  576
records state "Stewart"19331719
records state "Ridley"18971420
Francis James Usher 990
Von Lengerke & Detmold19251502
records state "A. Walker"19261412
records state "A. Walker Jr."19271413
records state "Wemyss"19011308
Mr Wilson Esq1880909
Lord Wimborne18971407