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    Church Farm Barns
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    Church Farm Barns
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About Us

Founded in 1993, Holt’s Auctioneers have become one of the leading Auction Houses for fine Modern and Antique guns worldwide. Based in rural North Norfolk near Sandringham, HOLTS are housed in a converted barn complex with gunrooms, offices and a dedicated shipping facility.

HOLTS hold four auctions per year offering unrivalled access for our clients and free parking.

Before taking part in any of HOLTS auctions please first download and read our terms and conditions:

The Specialists

Nicholas Holt

Founder of the company. Nicholas founded HOLTS because of a profound love of the sporting world, and fascination with the exceptional skill and genius involved from the people responsible for the creation of the engineering masterpieces that Holt's are privileged to auction. These artisans have inspired Nicholas to absorb as much as possible about antique and modern firearms. Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Gunmakers since 1999, and a former trustee of the Gunmakers Company Charitable Trust.

Christopher Beaumont

Christopher joined the company in mid-2000 having spent five years at one of the major London Auction Houses, his main area of specialisation is modern sporting guns and rifles. Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Gunmakers since 2002.

Nicholas Bongers de Rath

Nicholas joined the company in 2006. He maintains the day-to-day operation of the Gunrooms, handling initial client enquiries, and specialising in valuation and cataloguing of modern shotguns and rifles.

Alex Courtney

Alexander Courtney joined the company in 2006, and he specialises in valuation and cataloguing of taxidermy, accessories and sporting rifles.

Robert Morgan

Robert joined the company in March 2010 taking over the position of valuing and cataloguing the antique arms and armour. Robert's previous employment within the wholesale and retail gun-trade for over 30 years has given him a wealth of knowledge within this field, and he is also responsible for appraising revolvers, pistols and modern military arms as well as air-guns and militaria

Josh Pover

Josh handles initial client enquiries and valuation through to cataloguing of modern shotguns and rifles.

Donald Dallas

Donald is a leading writer and firearms authority who is HOLTS gun historian. Having long established himself within the gun industry he is ideally placed to research and confirm provenance of a wide range of items.

The Accounts

Laura Arnold & Sally Carder

Team Accounts are responsible for all aspects of invoicing and payment, V.A.T. and import/export taxes.

Simon Reinhold

Simon joined the company in 2019. With experience in many forms of shooting, hunting and fishing he handles front of house, operations and deals with initial client queries.


William Wraith
William is responsible for all aspects of UK shipment and collection and can advise on licensing requirements.

Samantha Geen
The newest member of the team Samantha handles UK Shipping as well as maintaining the gunbook and assisting in general administration.


Andrew Orr

Andrew provides digital solutions, IT solutions and photography to implement advertising, the website, social media, online catalogue, live online bidding and the auction webcast. As well as administering tech support partners.