Provenance - 11th & 12th & July 2022

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NameYear of ManufactureLot Number
Mr R.A. Richards1919345
The Rev. E.C. Alston1813415
William Molyneux KG, 4th Earl of Preston1858-9590
Viscount Tamworth1820598
William Henry Peardc1852695
Rev. G.G. Lloyd1864726
A.E. Graves19201201
N. R. Chaine Esq.18981300
Dr Angus Fairweather19201350
T.W. Wragg1933 and 19351356
Sir Ronald Hibbert Crossc19151359
Capt. E. Hibbert18941374
N.A. Heywood19121376
Major S.R. Eybrants19201377
G.W. Neish Esq18971401
H.M. Evans18791406
Edward Armes19421454
G.H. Rhodes19081459
Montagu Eliot Esq.18981463
Marchall Field & Company (Chicago)19541468
Thomas Baring18951800
T. Waterhouse18721803
formerly the property of G.T. Garwood18751850