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Our Next Auction of Fine Modern & Antique Guns

Monday 29th July 2024
Antique & vintage guns & accessories, taxidermy, edged weapons & militaria

Tuesday 30th July 2024
Modern, sporting guns and accessories

★ Both days commence at 10:00am ★

Our Next Sealed Bid Auction

Written or online bids to be received at
HOLTS Administration by:
10:30am Thursday 15th August 2024

Please Telephone +44 (0)1485 542 822

2024 Auction Dates

Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd December 2024
(Sealed Bid closes 10:30am Thursday 12th December)

HOLTS Head Office
Church Farm Barns
Norfolk PE31 6HA

Open 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday
Visits by Appointment.
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Saleroom webcam

Watch & listen to the sale live. A casual non interactive "watch and listen" service is available from 15 minutes before the start of HOLTS main auction. Registration is not required to view casually, but if you do wish to bid live online during the auction please register via Invaluable - please click HERE.

licence requirements

Sporting guns, rifles and ammunition will only be released to a valid and appropriate Section 5 / Firearm / Shotgun certificate holder.

PLEASE NOTE: Examination is purely external, firearms are not stripped or function tested as a matter of course, and it is recommended that any purchase is stripped and cleaned, and that the firing and safety mechanisms are checked by a qualified gunsmith before use. It is the responsibility of the buyer to satisfy himself that the purchase meets his requirements before bidding. With special regard to the sealed bid sale, please note that the descriptions of firearms are minimal, and are restricted to status of proof and that the estimates do reflect the general condition of the gun.

Lots marked S1 are Section 1 Firearms and require a valid British Firearms Certificate or Registered Firearms Dealer licence to be produced before it may be released. These will bear red labels in the saleroom.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR U.S. BIDDERS. Please note that under current rulings enforced by BATF any Mauser 98 actioned sporting rifle REGARDLESS OF ORIGINAL APPLICATION that has a thumb recess in the sidewall and loading-clip cut-out in the rear bridge will be refused an import permit into the United States.
Lots marked S2 are Section 2 Firearms and require a valid British Shotgun Certificate or Registered Firearms Dealer licence to be produced before it may be released. These will bear yellow labels in the saleroom. Lots marked S5 are Section 5 Firearms and require a valid Section 5 Authority to be produced before it may be viewed or released. For Section 7 buyers, please refer to Chapter 9 of the Home Office ‘FIREARMS LAW – GUIDANCE TO THE POLICE 2002’ for eligibility and restrictions.

NOTE TO OVERSEAS BUYERS: Please be aware that items classified as Section 5 Prohibited Weapons under UK Law will incur additional shipping charges regardless of their classification outside of the UK.

Antique and Obsolete Calibre weapons are sold as exempt items under Section 58 (2) of the 1968 Firearms act – to be held as a curiosity or ornament only. These will bear green labels in the saleroom.

Guns sold as Stock, Action and Fore-end only are sold without barrels. The original barrels may be available for sleeving purposes, but will only be released cut in the approved manner as per Proof House guidelines. THIS APPLIES TO ALL BUYERS REGARDLESS OF LICENCE HELD OR COUNTRY OF DESTINATION.

Before bidding in any of HOLTS Auctions please first download and read our terms and conditions:

"In the gunroom"

HOLTS publish a series of articles by leading sporting writers in the printed catalogue. These highlight items of particular historical interest or curiosity that feature in that sale. The articles can be accessed at leisure here: